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Part of the cooperative model is to connect and collaborate with other co-ops.

This can look like sharing ideas, resources, bartering, or supporting each other and offering services that compliment and uplift both co-ops.

Below is a list of local cooperatives we are proud to partner with, and a link to their websites!



pedal people_edited.jpg


Spoke Folks is modeled after the successful bike-powered trash/hauling cooperative PEDAL PEOPLE in Northampton, MA. 


Pedal People's mission statement:

"The Pedal People Cooperative uses bicycles and bicycle trailers to transport goods and provide services. We strive to model the use of human power as a viable alternative to fossil fuels.

Recognizing that environmental sustainability is not possible without social equity, we work to challenge systems of oppression and unequal power, both within our collective and in the larger world. We aim for a work-life balance that enables us to pursue our interests and participate in our communities.

Pedal People is committed to worker-ownership, and we share inspiration and education with others working to create a more just society."


Looking to start a cooperative or learn more about cooperative development? 

COOPERATIVE DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTE (CDI) is the source for cooperative development in the Northeast.

CDI is a regional 501(c)3 non-profit founded in 1994 by co-op leaders in the Northeast.


Cooperative Development Institute’s mission is to build a cooperative economy through the creation and development of successful cooperative enterprises. They are transforming ownership of our economy, so all people can meet their basic needs.

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